March 9th at 11am

Bring your seeds and enthusiasm and meet at the greenhouse.

Participants should bring their own peppers, eggplants, brassica and greens seeds. Please note that trays will be sent home with members to be sprouted and returned to the greenhouse to grow to transplanting size when the night temperatures permit. Members wishing to plant greens will be taking their trays home to grow and plant out in their own gardens. Members are asked to bring their own planters and trays if possible and all containers should be washed with hot soapy water and rinsed before use.

NOTE: A couple points to review regarding maintenance of seed trays before sprouting…… Trays should be placed in a warm area with clear plastic over top to help with moisture retention. A light watering should take place from the top of the planter once the surface soil dries slights. Avoid saturation and bottom watering to prevent damping off or rotting of the seeds. If sprouting peppers or eggplants, the trays need to be in a very consistently warm area (next to a heat source e.g. fireplace), rotated regularly to ensure even exposure to heat and checked to ensure that the soil remains lightly damp. Again, a clear plastic bag covering the surface can help to both retain moisture and soil warmth while sprouting.