Park Events Usage Policy November 29, 2019.

The Galiano Club manages 3 parklands: the Bluffs Nature Protection Area, originally created in 1948, the Mt Galiano Nature Protection Area, acquired in 1992 &, the Community Forest, formed in 2005.

These forested parklands have become rather popular areas for celebratory group events —- weddings, picnics, etc. The Club regularly receives requests for information about managing such event-usage in these areas.

The Galiano Club does not issue formal permits for the use of these parklands. The Club does however appreciate being notified in advance of any planned ‘group events’ & encourages that this be done via our email address:

In the two Nature Protection Areas, & in the Community Forest, there are certain prohibitions in place that event planners should be aware of — use of motorized vehicles (except on designated roadways), open fires, overnight camping/parking, use of firearms. Each of these areas contain no toilets, no water facilities, no garbage facilities.

Users will be expected to leave the area undamaged & garbage-free.

Both the Bluffs lookout area & the Mt Galiano summit are popular walking/ hiking areas at all times of the year so the Club suggests that event planners provide a sign-board of some kind to advertise the event, have it installed at the entrance to the area being used to inform other visitors of your presence & purpose.

The Galiano Club charges no fees for the use of its parklands but it does incur maintenance costs –from trail building & clearing, sign installation & repairs, fallen tree removal, etc. Event planners might consider a financial donation to assist the Club continue with these tasks.