Food Program

The Galiano Community Food Program works to build community and food security on our small island.  We hold community potlucks, weekly lunches and monthly Games Nights, plus organize Gleaning, Frozen Meals for Seniors, a Garlic Club, Cheese Club, Workshops, School Garden Programs and much more.

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Club Parks & Programs

The Galiano Club was founded in 1924. It owns and maintains the South Hall, as well as over 830 acres of parkland on Galiano, including Bluffs Park, Mt. Galiano and the Community Forest. The Club runs the Community Food Program, is the home of the Galiano Players Theatre, hosts the Annual Blackberry Festival and Christmas Market.

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Community Hall

The Hall is a hub of the Galiano community and many of our local events are held there on an ongoing basis. It is also a favourite place for concerts, dances, weddings, plays, exhibitions, lectures, etc. The kitchen has convection ovens, industrial sinks, counters and cupboards and all manner of conveniences, and we’re quite proud of it.

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Charcoal Making

Charcoal making is an ancient art dating from 6000-8000 BCE. In a carefully controlled process known as pyrolysis, all moisture and most of the volatile materials contained in wood are removed, leaving almost pure carbon. The resultant charcoal burns at 600 to 1200 degrees [...]

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Galiano’s Flag

In 1999, as part of the celebrations for the 75th Anniversary of the founding of the Galiano Club, Board Director and flag-enthusiast, Peter Renner, organized an island wide flag contest. After some advertising 14 designs were submitted. These were given public exposure [...]

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