One of the initial aims of the newly established —- in 1924 —-Galiano Club was “to build a public hall”, a first for the island. Such a structure, eventually named the Galiano Community Hall, was completed by 1927 thanks to much volunteer labour & the donation of many building materials. A visit to the island by the Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia, His Honour Randolph Bruce, on May 29th, 1929, provided the occasion for an ‘official opening’ of the new Hall. (A large framed photo of the event permanently hangs on one of the Hall’s interior walls.)

The Community Hall easily became THE place for holding island events —- parties & dances, political meetings, wedding receptions, musical concerts, Memorials, club meetings, art shows, theatrical events of all kinds. In the 1930’s it was also a place for sport —- indoor badminton.(When the Hall wood floor was recently replaced, in 2017, two layers of older floor levels were found.  The lowest one had boards that showed the painted lines of .. a badminton court.) In 2005 a most unusual away-from-Ottawa ceremony took place here when islander and novelist, Jane Rule, received the Order of Canada. The award was presented by Galiano’s own Iona Campagnolo, the Lieutenant Governor, deputizing for the Governor-General.

During the last decade or so the Community Hall has been much modernized and improved —- new lighting, new electrical wiring, improved sound system, upgraded kitchen facilities, enlarged stage area, more toilets.  The Hall now has a seating capacity for 120 people, is wheelchair accessible, has a commercial standard kitchen and, enhanced theatrical equipment . 

The grounds were planted & landscaped in the early 1990s, a vehicle parking area improved at the same time.  An outdoor kid’s play area was added in 2010. (A Pre-School group operates out of the lower floor of the Hall)

The Galiano Community Hall is home to the Galiano Concert Society, the Galiano Players, the Galiano Community Food Program.

The Hall is commonly known as the ‘South Hall’ in reference to the existence of the North Galiano Community Hall (a converted 1930’s era school house), managed by the North Galiano Community Association. 

Several other large meeting places now exist on Galiano but, when one hears an islander say of an event, “it’s at the Hall”, the location is more often-than-not the small and cozy and historic and versatile —- Galiano Community Hall.

The Community Hall is the building shown in the Galiano Club logo (designed by Galiano artist Keith Holmes).

The Galiano Club continues to maintain and manage the hall through an elected Board of Directors.