This is a (mostly) current list of the audio-visual equipment at the Hall, available for renters. Please see Book the Hall for rental information and rates.

The Technical Handbook for the Hall can be downloaded as a PDF at the bottom of the page. A printed version of the Handbook is kept in the bar room.

Video Projector

Model: InFocus X3 Connections: VGA –> M1 Cable; S-Video; Composite RCA A/V Aspect ratio:16:9 or 4:3 (sorry, not HD capable)

A DVD player is available to use with the projector (S-video connection)

Projection Screens

Large: 12′ x 8′ (ceiling mounted)

Small: 4′ x 3′ (portable)


For musical performances and dances

Two Proel SMART15A self-powered amplified speakers with stands: (15″ woofer + horn, 250W continuous 320W peak, XLR/phono inputs).

For ambient music and PA

Two rugged Community CSX-35 two-way speakers mounted above stage but moveable(15″ woofer + PZT, 150W RMS / 375W pgm, 8 ohm) Plus two consumer loudspeakers mounted at rear of Hall.

Vocal PA Amp

1 x Behringer inuke 3000 amp

CD player amplifier that can play through speakers at both the front of the hall and the rear.

Mixing Board

1 x 24 channel proel mixing desk
1 x Proel powered stage monitor
1 X Behringer X1204 Mixer
4 x Yorkville yx15’s

This is a professional live mixing board.  Renters wishing to use the mixing board must hire someone with expertise in the use of the board.  Please contact Jenny Breukelman or Rock Mackay 250-539-5131 to negotiate rates and availability.


4 x Various lowgrade dynamic mics
Two boom mic stands and one adjustable post mic stand.


3 x Mic cables – Good quality XLR and 1/4″ cables to cover most situations. Various extension power cables.


The stage has two rows of multi-coloured spots. There is a dimmer control box but it belongs to the Galiano Players, and arrangements must be made well in advance. Renters wishing to use the theatrical/stage lights must hire someone with expertise in the use of the board.  Please contact Sonia Baker 250-539-5755 or Jenny Breukelman to negotiate rates and availability.


The Hall has a Maier upright piano on the stage. Since the piano is not used all that frequently, and sits in the hall throughout some unheated winter days, it may need tuning for performances. Please check well in advance if you need to have the piano tuned, as we have to book a piano tuner to come to the island. Typically, we need between ten to twenty days notice to book a tuner.


Rental of equipment requires adequate prior warning in order to access the gear and help with setup and takedown.