This is a current list of the audio-visual equipment at the Hall, available for renters.

Please see Book the Hall for rental information and rates.


Video projector; Optoma EH 400+ 1080P projector. 4000 lumens
Screen; 12’ x 8’ drop-down screen.
Hall has professional 7.1 surround sound system with 1200 Watt 18 inch subwoofer. System is configured to play from Blu-ray discs, CD, Apple TV and computer.
For musical performances we have a Soundcraft Signature 12 MTK channel mixing board which connects to the 7.1 Sound system and is configurable for stereo output for live musical performances. Board has dedicated input for iPod or other music playing device.
Available equipment for live performances are; 6 vocal microphones, XLR cables, interface adaptors, microphone stands, DI boxes and 2, 12 inch powered stage monitor speakers. An 8 x 4 snake runs from the stage to the AV mixing room mid hall.
Hall is wired for an Auris loop.
Hall can supply a secondary projection system which includes an older 1080i projector and 4‘ x 3‘ screen for smaller presentations.

This is a professional live mixing board.

Renters wishing to use the mixing board must hire someone with expertise in the use of the board.  Please contact Patrick Ramsey or Jenny Breukelman  to negotiate rates and availability.


The stage has two rows of multi-coloured spots. There is a dimmer control box but it belongs to the Galiano Players, and arrangements must be made well in advance. Renters wishing to use the theatrical/stage lights must hire someone with expertise in the use of the board.  Please contact Sonia Baker 250-539-5755 or Jenny Breukelman to negotiate rates and availability.


The Community Hall has 2 pianos.
One, a ‘Stevenson’ upright, once belonged to Alice Maier, an islander who lived to be 102 yrs old. The piano was bequeathed by her, to the Galiano Club, in 1992. It had been built in 1925  by The Weber Piano Co. of Kingston, Ontario.  Born in Belgium, married in Germany, Mrs. Maier was a well known and much liked Galiano resident.  She and husband, Bill, were both enthusiastic promoters of Esperanto.
A second piano, a Yamaha ‘baby grand’, was built at Hamamatsushi, Japan in 1986.  Purchased in Japan, the piano then travelled to Indonesia & then, Suva, Fiji, where it encountered p/t Galianoite, Will Guthrie. Will acquired it for his Suva home and when this house was sold in 2012, the piano was shipped to BC. Mr. Guthrie then donated the instrument to the Galiano Club for exclusive use in the Community Hall.
Both pianos might require tuning before use.


Rental of equipment requires adequate prior warning in order to access the gear and help with setup and takedown.