About the Hall

The Hall is a hub of the Galiano community and many of our local events are held there on an ongoing basis. It is also a favourite place for concerts, dances, weddings, plays, exhibitions, lectures, etc. The kitchen has been newly renovated with convection ovens, industrial sinks, counters and cupboards and all manner of conveniences, and we’re quite proud of it.

If you would like to book the Community Hall, first check the Hall Calendar to see if the dates and times you desire are available. Then click the button below and fill out the “Submit an Event” form. It will be reviewed by a hall coordinator, who will contact you as soon as possible to confirm or ask for further information. Once it is approved, it will appear on the Hall Calendar, as a private or public event.  Please include as many details as possible, including set up and clean up times, use of the kitchen and use of the equipment.

Book the Hall

If you want to book the hall within the next three days, please call Alison Colwell at (250) 539-2363.

Liquor in the Hall

For events serving liquor, the renter is responsible for obtaining a Liquor License, purchasing liquor and ensuring servers hold a “Serve It Right” certificate. Consumption of alcohol is not permitted without a liquor license and is not permitted outside the Hall. Those renters serving liquor should consider purchasing event insurance.


Telephone 911 for police, fire and ambulance–a phone is located in the kitchen and the address is 141 Sturdies Bay Road.
Fire extinguishers are located throughout the Hall.
A First Aid Kit is in the kitchen under the hand sink.

Bicycle Repair Station

A bicycle repair station was installed in the Hall’s upper parking lot in 2015 with the assistance of the Galiano Island Recycling & Reuse Society (GIRR).  At the same time, a Galiano Is. info map was added nearby by the Galiano Island Parks & Recreation Commission (GIPRC), along with a sturdy bike stand.

e-Charge Station

In 2019, thanks to a grant from the CRD, an electric automobile battery recharging station was installed at the front of the Community Hall.