Galiano Club Parks and Lands

The Galiano Club has been a steward for island green spaces since 1948 when Bluffs Park came into being. The Club, founded in 1924, manages the the Nature Preserves of Mt Galiano and Bluffs Park, home of  the Japanese Charcoal Pit Kiln and the Community Forest – in all 830 acres.

Our parks are for all island residents and visitors to enjoy. Please remember that walking and hiking are the ways to travel through the parks since the trails and ecosystems will not stand up to bikes, horses, or motorized vehicles. We ask you not to smoke on trails because of the fire hazard.

Galiano island is home to a variety of wildlife. Please respect them as you observe them in their natural habitat. Although unusual, bear and cougars have been seen on Galiano Island. Be aware and report any sightings of bear or cougar to the RCMP.