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Mt. Galiano – Walk in the Woods by Allan Forget

Mt Galiano is much more than that awesome view from the summit. It is also just a very nice walk through the woods.
The Mt Galiano Nature Reserve lands were acquired by the island community in 1992 after an intensive & very creative & ultimately successful fund raising campaign to purchase the 84 hectares from the MacBlo Company. A hiking trail to the summit was constructed that same year. Stewardship was given to the Galiano Club & that arrangement remains in place today.

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Explore the Bluffs

On March 19th the Galiano Club will be holding a “Bluffs Open House” from 1:30 p.m. on. Meet at the Lookout parking lot to join in trails exploration, perhaps some birding, a Bio-Blitz (learn about the bio-diversity of the Bluffs) and tour of the Charcoal Pit Kiln. This is a chance to check out the trails with experienced Bluffs trail travelers.

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The Galiano Club’s 91st Annual General Meeting – May 28th 2:30 p.m. South Hall

Join us for the 91st Annual General Meeting of the Galiano Club on May 28th at 2:30 p.m. There will be the regular business meeting highlighting the past year’s activities followed by a short presentation on “Planned Giving and Benefitting Local Charities”. The meeting will end with complimentary ice cream sundaes topped with blackberry, butterscotch or chocolate sauces (or all 3). Everyone, whether a member or not, is welcome. Hope to see you there!

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Hunting Prohibited in Club Parks

Hunting Prohibited in the Bluffs, on Mt Galiano and in the Community (Heritage) Forest

This is a reminder to all that HUNTING is not permitted in the Heritage Forest, Bluffs Park or on Mount Galiano. Please pass this message on so that the people who walk in the Forest can do so safely. Thank you for your cooperation. For safety in general during hunting season, everyone walking in Galiano’s forests should try to wear clothing that makes you visible.

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The Bluffs Park Lookout Road

Bluffs Park Lookout Road: Rick Gill and Andy Turner from our highways maintenance company, Mainroad, approached the Galiano Club with an offer to repair the “spur” road that leads from Bluff Rd. to the Bluffs lookout. This spur road has been in very bad condition for a number of years. Because the Bluffs are designated “nature protection”, very little alteration can be done within the park. The Islands Trust Planner has approved the road repair work which will include new gravel and ditching as well as adding fill in the lookout parking lot that is a lake for much of the winter.

This work will begin mid-October and will take about 3 days. This donation by Mainroad is an incredible community benefit. It would have taken the Galiano Club a long time in which to raise the money for this project. Thank you Mainroad!

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We “Raised” the Roof and “Coated” the Floors

In August, Bob Boyechko and his crew removed 2 old roofs from the South Galiano Community Hall and replaced them with a new roof. The work took about 5 days during the hottest week of the year. No rot was found under the old roofs and the new roof was expertly installed along with new flashings.

At the same time the roof was being re-done, Louis Gonthier re-coated the main Hall floor and the stage floor. Louis spent 4 days working on the floors and donated all of his labour costs.

Thank you to the Community for your support through the purchase of “shingles” and attending various fundraising events, to all who volunteered to help with the sprucing up of the Hall, to Don Anderson for re-building the front steps, to Ken Hancock, Capital Regional District Director, for his financial support of this large project, to Galiano Trading for their equipment loan, to Dave Gerlach for the loan of his truck and finally to Kathy Benger whose very generous donation of $6,000 allowed us to proceed this summer with this project.

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History of the Galiano Hall

One of the initial projects of the newly established Galiano Club was the building of a “community hall”, a first for the island. Such a structure, named the Galiano Community Hall, thanks to much volunteer labour & donation of materials, was completed by 1927. A visit by the Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia, His Honour Randolph Bruce, in May 1929, provided the occasion for an ‘officially opening’ of the new Hall. For much of the next 50 years, this Hall was THE place for holding island events —- parties & dances, political meetings, wedding receptions, Memorials, club meetings, art shows, theatrical events of all kinds. Though several other large meeting places now exist on Galiano the now historic & quaint Galiano Community Hall continues to be most popular.

The Hall has a seating capacity for 100 people and is wheelchair accessible, has a large stage area, professional kitchen facilities.

It is also affectionately known as the ‘South End Hall’ in reference to the existence of the North Galiano Community Hall (a converted 1930’s era school house), managed by the North Galiano Community Association.

The Community Hall is the building shown in the Galiano Club logo (designed by Galiano artist Keith Holmes). The Galiano Club continues to maintain and manage the hall through an elected Board of Directors.

The role of the Hall is currently undergoing a surge of development, with the addition of housing the preschool Playgroup and the Galiano Food Program.

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