October 1, 2018 – passed by board

  1. Requests for a memorial are available for the Community Forest only. No memorials are allowed in Mt Galiano or Bluff Parks.
  2. Interested parties should make their request in writing to The Club. The request should state the preferred location. A board member will then meet with the individual(s) to discuss the proposed site.
  3. A dedication plaque can be placed on the memorial. The Club must approve the wording.
  4. The Club will determine the cost of the memorial with or without a plaque and advise the applicant. The cost will include the installation of the bench on a concrete foundation and its maintenance.
  5. The Club will order the memorial and plaque (with the agreed upon wording) once the donation equivalent to the cost of the memorial is received.
  6. Benches and picnic tables last approximately 15 years, at which time the donor will be contacted (if possible) and asked if he/she wishes to renew the bench or table.
  7. If an existing bench or picnic table has no plaque, and if it was donated, the original donor is the only person who can place a plaque provided they pay for the cost and installation of the plaque at their own expense.
  8. In the event a memorial is damaged, then the Club, at its sole discretion and at its own cost may either:
  9. Repair the memorial,
  10. Remove the memorial, or
  11. Replace the memorial with the original plaque
  12. Should the Club decide to remove the memorial and not replace it, the Donor may apply to replace the memorial by making a new donation equal to the cost of the new memorial.
  13. All benches and picnic tables will have a consistent style and look.