Membership is only $10.00!

Full membership in the Galiano Club is open to residents and property owners of Galiano Island.

Members are eligible to vote at an AGM or an EGM. Members who stand for Board positions must be Members in good standing. Associate membership is open to anyone who appreciates the good work we do stewarding land and assisting the community, but does not allow you to vote at our AGM. If you don’t live on Galiano, this is your option.

Volunteers and donations are always welcome. Memberships are for the calendar year.

To become a member, please mail a cheque payable to The Galiano Club to Box 219 Galiano Island, B.C. V0N 1P0, send an email/etransfer to or contact a board member.

A tax receipt will be sent for fees and donations totaling over $20.