Complaint Resolution

August 21, 2017


  • A complaint resolution process has been implemented to address complaints both from employees and members of the public. In addition, the Board will cooperate with any external bodies having jurisdiction in investigating complaints.


  • Where an employee has a complaint, they will first take this complaint to their manager to address the issue. If the employee is not satisfied with the result or if the complaint concerns the manager, the procedures to address complaints from the public would be followed.
  • Any member of the Board of Directors may be approached with a complaint from a member of the public.
  • The first response should be that the Director who has been approached should try to deal with the complaint directly and by bringing the issue to the attention of the Board.
  • Where attempts to deal with a complaint informally are unsuccessful, the complainant should be asked to put the complaint in writing and send their complaint to the Galiano Club, P.O. Box 219, Galiano Island, B.C. V0N1P0 attention to the Complaint Resolution Committee.
  • The written complaint should be specific about the issue and what resolution is being sought.
  • The Complaint Resolution Committee will be the table officers of the Board.
  • The Complaint Resolution Committee will schedule a meeting with the individual as soon as possible (ideally within two weeks, depending on availability).
  • The individual complaining may bring a support person with them to this meeting.
  • Following the meeting, the Complaint Resolution Committee will decide on the appropriate response, if any.
  • The decision will be sent to the complainant in writing as soon as possible following the meeting (ideally within one week).
  • The decision of the Complaint Resolution Committee will be final.
  • Individuals who remain dissatisfied with the response may pursue other avenues which may be available to them, depending on the nature of the complaint.
  • The Complaints Resolution Committee will keep the Board informed about formal complaints and their outcomes.