The Galiano Club operates through a Board consisting of up to12 Directors each elected for a term of two years. These Directors are elected at an Annual General Meeting OR appointed (when a vacancy occurs between Annual General Meetings).

To be considered for election or appointment to the Board, a person must be a Club member. The Society is governed by a Constitution and By-Laws that are regularly reviewed and updated as necessary at the Annual General Meetings. The Board manages the Community Hall and oversees Mt. Galiano, The Bluffs and the Community Forest lands in trust for the community. The Galiano Club also runs the Community Food Program. The Board also supervises a full schedule of annual public events, all held in the South Galiano Community Hall – the Blackberry Tea and  the Christmas Craft Market, for example.

The Directors listed below, with their respective Board Positions & Committee membership, are current for 2016-2017. The Galiano Club employs four very part-time contracted staff for the Galiano Community Food Program and for cleaning in the Community Hall. Most work done for the Club – minor repairs to the Hall, work parties in the parks and playground, is done by volunteers. The Galiano Club has more than 300 members.

Board of Directors – 2016/2017

Sonia Baker

Sylvie Beauregard

Diana Fraser

Judy Hayes, Vice President and Booking Coordinator

Lauren Magner

Lee Musselle

Garth Walmsley

Carol Wilson

Jane Wolverton – President

Food Program Co-ordinators

Alison Colwell

Emma Davis

Barry New

Brahmi Benner