The Galiano Club was founded in November, 1924 with the stated objectives: “to, a) encourage social activity; b) foster agricultural interest; c) form a public library & d) build a public hall which shall be used for the above three purposes”. The document of Declaration was signed by Crawford O. Twiss, William Henry Gilmour, Stanley Page, Philip Steward. Three of the objectives were accomplished rather readily, but another — to build a public library — didn’t come about until almost 60 years later when the Club was asked to sponsor the application to create the Galiano Library Society, a group formed to establish a permanent library building on the island. In 2008, sponsorship of the Galiano Food Program came easily to the Club as it too satisfied one of the original objectives.

A wide variety of community-based projects kept the Club active & involved over the years. Gradually the Club became a major land owner too. In 1951 the Club was asked to begin managing the newly created Bluffs Park. Then, in 1991, the Club acquired “in trust” the newly purchased Mount Galiano lands. Each of these areas is now zoned a Nature Protection Reserve but still managed by the Club. In 2006 the ownership of first Heritage (Community) Forest lands was awarded to the Galiano Club.

The Galiano Club is a registered society in the province of British Columbia and has Federal Charitable Status. Full Membership is open to any Galiano Island resident and/or taxpayer and Associate Membership (non-voting) is open to all. We welcome all kinds of support: donations, volunteering and constructive suggestions. We have a great deal of responsibility and strive to make a positive difference in our small but lively community. If you are interested in helping, please send us a message!

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