Galiano Players: My Narrator

Galiano Players: My Narrator

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Play by Norm Foster

Imagine what would happen if that little voice inside your head – the one that tells you how to behave and what choices to make – suddenly took on a life of its own? For Lacy and Miles, love is what happens, and with hilarious results.

There will be two performances on Galiano. On Friday May 25th and Saturday May 26th. Both at 7pm.

Norm Foster was born in Newmarket, Ontario on St. Valentine’s Day. Raised in Toronto, he attended West Hill Collegiate Institute and then went on to study Radio and Television Arts at Centennial College in Toronto and then Confederation College in Thunder Bay. Upon completion of his studies, he began a radio career that would span twenty-five years and which would take him from Thunder Bay to Winnipeg to Kingston and finally to Fredericton, New Brunswick. It was in Fredericton in 1980 that Norm was introduced to the world of theatre. Foster fell in love with the theatre right then and there, and two years later he penned his first professionally produced play, Sinners. It was produced by Theatre New Brunswick and directed by Malcolm Black, who would also direct Foster’s next effort, the highly successful, The Melville Boys. The Melville Boys would go on to be produced across Canada and in the United States, including a well-received run Off Broadway in New York. It would become Foster’s signature play, and the one which would bring his name to the forefront of Canadian theatre. Since then, Norm Foster has produced an astonishing output of work. Nearly forty plays in all, including The Affections of May, the most produced play in Canada in 1991. He has also written a musical with composer Leslie Arden (The Last Resort) and three musicals (Jasper Station, Race Day, and Sitting Pretty) with composer Steve Thomas.


  1. Jennifer Margison May 28, 2018 at 8:42 am - Reply

    I have been a Belfry Theatre volunteer (a professional theatre company in Victoria) for over 25 years & the Galiano Players’ recent play “My Narrator” was as good as anything I have seen there in terms of the quality of the acting. The actors had a terrific script to work with, contemporary and very funny, and the comedic timing of all 4 actors was superb. The two main characters were beautifully played by Pat & Robin who made us quickly care about these flawed but lovable individuals and the narrators, played by Christina & Dave added another engaging layer of human interaction. Kudos to the director, Sonia for bringing us all such a great theatrical experience. I loved every moment of this play, my face hurt from laughing and if you missed it, you really missed a treat. I hope it will be mounted again.

  2. Annette Shaw May 28, 2018 at 9:21 pm - Reply

    “My Narrator” was one of the very best plays I’ve ever seen on Galiano, or anywhere.
    The script was brilliant and so were the 4 actors. I laughed all the way through it.
    Thank you all for putting on a superb performance! Makes me proud to live on Galiano!

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