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10th Annual Nettlefest

As I write this article we are just emerging from an unusually snowy winter, and it’s hard to believe that spring is just around the corner. But it’s coming. One of the first signs of spring, and maybe Galiano’s favourite, is bright green nettle shoots poking out of the ground. The new leaves are full of calcium, protein, and iron. Perfect to recharge us after our cold winter and get us healthy and ready for spring.

To quote Sandy Pottle’s famous nettle song:

And then I tried granny’s spring tonic

And now I feel simply bionic

I’m stepping more lightly

I’m looking more sightly

And my brain it ain’t quite so moronic

When you are picking nettles for cooking, choose the young and tender leaves, usually the top four or six on a plant. Use scissors to cut the tip and you won’t damage the plant. Nettles are delicious — but most first time nettle eaters are nervous about being stung. Use kitchen or garden gloves when you are picking and in the kitchen until the nettles are processed in some way. Once the fresh nettles are steamed, frozen, dried or cooked the sting is neutralized. There are lots of different ways to use nettles. Some of my favourites are: soup, pizza, nesto, nettle and edamame crostini, and nettle pakora.

This year the Galiano Community Food Programs 10th Annual Nettlefest weekend runs March 31st to April 2nd. I will be teaching a cooking class on Friday night, Reed and Cedana from the Galiano Conservancy will be leading a foraging walk on Saturday morning, there will be the community nettle pick, and of course the community potluck on the Sunday evening, with the increasingly popular Nettle cooking competition. Check the website for all the details. There’s lots to do, lots of ways to get involved and celebrate spring on Galiano.

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Volunteer Fair

Volunteer Fair – March 16th from 1pm till 3pm at the South Hall.

Are you looking for a meaningful volunteer opportunity for the New Year? How can you support the work we do?

Come learn about all the different opportunities for volunteering with the Community Food Program. We need help cooking, driving, working with kids, picking fruits and vegetables, gardening and more.

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Greenhouse Group

Greenhouse Group: Tuesdays at 12 noon.

Greenhouse Growing Group by Barry New

The Greenhouse Growing Group grows vegetables together in the greenhouse located behind the Library. This year’s season begins Tuesday April 4th at 12 noon. Anyone is welcome to join. This group can suit all levels of experience and commitment.

The charge is still only $20 for the whole year. This fee includes all soil amendments, seeds, pots, and tools (though people are also encouraged to bring their own). Participants also share the produce. We can provide handouts related to specific gardening questions.

We specialise in the early Spring Starts and then roll out a program for the year-round crops. You can learn and share your knowledge about potting mixes and seeds. The group meets informally once or twice a week throughout the spring and summer. By summer, we have a watering schedule so there are regular weekly turns by the participants to keep the plants well-watered. It is a teaching and learning environment so we have some resources and good links to help further the skills of participants. Last year we grew tomatoes, eggplants, basil, peppers, melons, and many other seasonal vegetables. The planters outside the greenhouse had strawberries, runner beans, and cucumbers. There are also Seniors Beds specially adapted for easy maintenance (no bending!). Starting this year, we are experimenting with winter crops, and we bought two olive trees and two lemon trees.

For more information, contact Barry New at 539-2364  or