How did your garden grow this year? Maybe it’s still growing. Or, maybe life got in the way of those good intentions in the spring, the promising dance of dried seeds in the paper packet that got forgotten in the cupboard, and things never really germinated the way you’d hoped. With the dark damp days upon us it’s the time of year we tend to burrow down and take stock of where we’re at: what worked, what didn’t, and what might we do differently next time.

The Seed Library of Galiano (SLOG) would like to know how your edible garden grew and what seeds did well this year. One of SLOG’s goals is to increase island food security by collecting viable seed that flourishes in Galiano’s climate. That’s why SLOG only takes seed grown on Galiano, and why, we ask our donors to fill out some paperwork (we can help with that piece). SLOG is very interested in details like germination rates and growing conditions.

To help demystify the process of saving seeds SLOG and the Food Program are offering a free Seed Saving Workshop by Barry New. It will be held November 12th, from 11-1pm at the Community Greenhouse at the school garden. Barry will be sharing techniques and providing demonstrations on saving seeds for edibles such as tomatoes, peppers, grains, and other more difficult seeds. Please bring your questions, any seeds that need processing, and storage containers for your saved seeds. Paper bags and envelopes are best.

Whether you are a borrower of library seed, an avid gardener who has saved favourite Galiano-grown seed varieties, or a curious community member, we invite you to drop in to one of our four upcoming “check-in sessions” scheduled through November: November 4th, 12th, 17th, and 25th. All sessions are from 1-3pm at the Galiano Community Library in the Holahan Room. We’re hoping that residents who grew seed this year and are able to donate some to SLOG’s inventory will visit us and “check-in” their seed during these intake sessions. For the month of November SLOG will have a drop-off box in the lobby of the Community Library, where, during library hours, you may drop off saved seed along with descriptive information.

In closing, the SLOG Steering Committee is welcoming new members. As this is SLOG’s first autumn seed harvest we are turning our minds to receiving seeds from the community, integrating these new seeds into our existing inventory, and duplicating our seed collection for safe storage, creating a “back-up” collection. If this might be of interest to you, please consider joining our fun-loving group. All levels of knowledge are welcome. Any questions? Please contact Colleen at