The Seed Library of Galiano is having its final lending session of the season this Saturday, April 16th from 12-2pm at the Galiano Community Library. Lifetime memberships are available to all residents of Galiano for $10. Come “check out” our seed inventory. We’ll have a “check-in” party at the end of the growing season for people to “return” seeds back to the library. We welcome all levels of growers and encourage everyone to save seeds!

View the attached PDF document to see what seeds are available from the Seed Library Inventory.

Beyond SLOG’s inventory, also available Sat. April 16th, are various wildflowers, some herbs, and a few vegetable seeds, part of a give-away thanks to Eleanor Coulthard and Marilyn Lane.

If you cannot attend SLOG’s library hours please contact Colleen at and special arrangements may be made.