The Food Program’s “Soup for Seniors” project began a number of years ago when we were looking for a way to provide easy, locally made meals for our seniors. In the first year volunteers came together once a month and made big batches of soup, which we’d freeze and distribute to any senior that wanted them. Whenever possible we use local ingredients from our island farms.

Over time, we’ve become more “professional”! We still make the soup, but we’ve expanded our menu, and now we also make simple meals such as: shepherd’s pie, mac and cheese, Indian butter chicken, beef bourguignon, turkey pot pies and lasagna to name a few. We’re always perfecting our recipes and trying out new dishes. Everything is frozen in one- (or two– depending on your appetite) serving size, oven-ready foil containers.

The soup and meals are available at the Lions Walking Group on Tuesday mornings, and anytime, by meeting me at the South Hall. (Feel free to call me—2363—I’m often there, and you can pick up meals anytime.) The cost of the project is covered by the suggested price of $5 a meal or bowl of soup. We appreciate all those that can pay, as that covers the costs for those that cannot. So feel free to stock your freezer with tasty, locally made-ready-made meals and soups.

A couple of years ago, when we realized that people would be happy to join us, the kitchen crew, for lunch, we opened up the Hall for “Soup and Bread” lunches. And lots of you do come and eat with us. Which is fun for us, and helps raise more funds for a great program. Soup’s always hot and the bread is fresh out of the oven.

So if you are free for lunch on April 28th, come join us at the Hall from 12:30 till 1:30. We’ve got some great soup, fresh bread, all cooked by some amazing volunteers. And if you want to come cook with us—we can always use extra hands.