We’ll be sowing the fallow bed in rye and phacelia as cover crops. We’ll also be amending the soil, so please bring any organic material you can contribute: seaweed, compost, nettle stalks, leaves, compost tea, ash, lime, manures, grass clippings, cardboard, newspaper, etc. are all welcome!

[Please remember that cardboard should be large sheets with minimal ink and tape, and no staples. Please also note that ash should be clean – no processed wood products that contain formaldehyde and other toxic glues and preservatives.]

The Trading Post wasn’t able to give us any replacement tarps as they’ve changed the way they order and won’t have any to spare until at least the fall. Since the tarps break down in the summer sun anyway, and we’re getting near to the end of our wet season, I suggest we use cardboard to cover our piles until the fall and tarp then. As our tarps are NOT recyclable (I checked with GIRR) we’ll need to bag up any we remove.

If you have any questions at all, just give me a shout.