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Community Kitchen – Thai Cooking with Orion Finnie

We have a Thai Inspired Community Kitchen led by Orion Finnie, chef at La Boheme Restaurant, on Jan 14th at 5:30pm. We’ll be learning how to make Phad Thai,Thailand’s famous rice noodle dish.

We held this class last year and it was a super fun evening. Register early if you don’t want to be disappointed.

Please bring containers to take home food, and a $15 to $20 contribution.

Please RSVP – we are limited to ten people.

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Solstice Community Dinner by Nancy McPhee

The mid-point of the winter is marked by the winter solstice – the time when the sun stands still, marking its southern most point in the sky. The next day’s sunrise finds the light increasing, the sun rising higher on the horizon. It is a time of rebirth and renewal.

Ancient celebrations of winter solstice have roots in community and survival. In our part of the world, people were preparing to survive through the lean months from January to April. Food was stored, preserved and rationed. The anticipated growing season was celebrated with a festival for the return to the light.

It is true here on Galiano Island as well. At the heart of the Galiano Food Program are the beliefs that it is important to build awareness of the cycle of food growth and harvest; build a community interested and aware of the importance of sustaining people with healthy food; celebrate community by sharing the work involved. The idea of food security, grow and eat locally produced food, support and work alongside those who grow food, sell food and enjoy food is at the core of the work of staff and volunteers. Community building at its best!

This year celebrates the 5th year the Galiano Food Program has coordinated a community potluck dinner in this season.  In celebration of the bounty of the growing season, the Food Program focuses on creating a meal worthy of the abundance we share here on the island. The first two Christmas dinners were a thundering success.

The seasonal celebration has shifted to a community potluck celebrating Winter Solstice. This year, December 22nd is date for the third solstice dinner, held at the South Community Hall. It will be the culmination of a lot of hard work by the staff of the Food Program and the efforts of a number of dedicated volunteers.

How can you help? Meals and events of this size (over 100 people last year) only happen because of community support and the people who help. Volunteer activities such as lantern making, bonfire preparation, hall decorating, preparation of some of the meal, entertainment, and children’s activities are essential parts of this event – it takes a community to celebrate!

Contact the Galiano Food Program to find out how you can share your enthusiasm, talents and skills for this wonderful community celebration.

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