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Galiano’s 3rd Annual Community Potluck Picnic – September 16th

The Picnic is a collaborative celebration, and last year over 20 different organizations participated to make it a fun event for everyone. If you’d like to get involved contact us to see where you can help. There will be Zucchini races again this year (start planning now!), and a pie baking competition again. Plus the Garden Club is organizing two different competitions, and the Adults vs. Kids Soccer game will be on. Plus the new library groundbreaking will take place that afternoon.

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Zucchini Races at the 3rd Annual Community Picnic

Everyone is invited to Galiano’s Second annual Zany Zucchini Races that will be held at the Community Picnic on September 16th at the School/Activity Centre. Ret. Captain Thomas Schnare is co-ordinating the exciting races that will be judged by Mike Hoebel and Dave Agnes.

Race Rules: There will be age categories and the rules are that .

1) “Cars” must be constructed with a zucchini, the width of the Zucchini “car” at its fattest point can be no more than 13 inches wide. Length, wheel sizes and weight are not restricted.

2)All power will be supplied by an incline ramp.

3)Awards in the following categories: for 12 & under, 18 & under, and over 18.

4)Award for the most creative vehicle.

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