Our first meeting, 3 Mar 2010, was held at Dora FitzGerald’s house (1480 cottage way) where nearly twenty folks interested in all aspects of healing foods and herbs gathered.

The Herbal Collective is based on our interest in combining all our varied talents on the island to create a shared resource of herbal information, to exchange plants and remedies, and to provide tinctures and creams for use by individuals in our community who need and want them. We plan to study the properties of local plants, participate in sustainable wild crafting, and learn various methods of making tinctures, creams, and essences. We hope to make herbal products available as needed to the community.

Our first steps towards accomplishing these goals are:

  • Cataloging existing remedies and tinctures that are already available for use by the community.
  • Establishing a communications network amongst the members and all interested persons on the island by creating and distributing email and telephone listings.
  • Forming a group to focus on propagating and growing select medicinal plants.
  • Sharing information with the Galiano Community through reports and articles in the Active Page;
  • And through the creation of forums and postings under the Herb Collective section on the new Galiano Food Program website: www.galianofoodprogram.ca
  • Taking part on Seed Saturday February 20th by bringing seeds and shoots of herbs for spring planting.

If you would like more information please call Dora at 3247.