The focus of the Community Greenhouse is to promote social and environmental sustainability. The project allows community members to grow their own organic herbs and vegetables 12 months of the year while engaging in a welcoming community environment. A portion of the greenhouse is used by the school children for their purposes from September through June though there is lots of room for sharing.

The greenhouse project was initiated in 2010 by the Galiano Community Food Program through the Galiano Club who is responsible ultimately for its upkeep and use. After repeatedly hearing that the community was interested in growing year-round, the Food Program was successful in receiving a VanCity grant to fund the project.

Today there is a 20′ by 16′ poly greenhouse located on the grounds of the Galiano Community School. The greenhouse contains a large U-shaped raised bed, a large work bench and a shelving unit.. The beds are fitted with an in-ground drip irrigation system to minimize water consumption as the crops mature. The Greenhouse Project is divided into the Spring Starts group and the year round group. There is a cost of participating which has been $20 per person but could be revisited each year. This is used to purchase organic seeds, tools, etc. all at the groups discretion. If desired, the group can elect to pool extra funds for special projects.

Guidelines and Rules

* The Community greenhouse is a teaching and learning facility first and foremost and is secondarily about production. The Galiano Community School also uses the greenhouse for their teaching purposes.

* The greenhouse is a SHARED facility and must be used respectfully. Participants are encouraged to look after each other’s crops and report anything unusual or any problems to a Food Program representative.

* Given the size of the greenhouse, a limit of eight people per season is recommended. Two participants from a previous year will be encouraged to stay on in order to ensure continuity and the rest of the group will be determined by lottery, if there is more interest than spaces available. There will be a waiting list in order to ensure continued participation, should some participants be unable to complete their growing season. People can participate fully or partially depending on life schedules.

* SECURITY: Right now, we are not using a key system, but this policy may be revisited as required.

* The Food Program promotes organic methods of gardening. Use of herbicides and chemical pesticides are strictly prohibited.

* All plant waste to be deposited outside of the Greenhouse in the appropriate compost.

* No pets are permitted in the Greenhouse.

*No Smoking inside the Greenhouse or on school ground.

* No GMO Seeds