They are all from The Interviews!

The students at Galiano Community School were responsible for all but three of the interviews. Wreford Miller, who designed and set up this blog, came to Cathy Buttery’s class and taught an interview workshop in which students learned the techniques of writing and conducting interviews. The students then collaborated on a standard interview format, and recorded practise interviews with each other and with Elder, Margaret Edgar, who had volunteered to help out in the workshop.

Appointments were set up and each Elder came to the school to record their interview. Wherever possible, students interviewed their own grandparent. The arduous process of transcribing the interviews came next, and finally, the fun part – selecting quotes and matching them to recipes. Scroll down the blog postings and read the interview transcripts.

Here is a list of the Elders and the Students who interviewed them: Lloyd Baines interviewed by Bailey Baines Elizabeth Bosher interviewed by Brennan Taylor Betty Brannon interviewed by Rowan Oakley-Uyenaka Lennis Campbell interviewed by Taylor Pattison Margaret Edgar interviewed by Noal Balint Jane Edwards interviewed by Lily Kingscote Dora Fitzgerald interviewed by Carol Guin Margaret Griffiths interviewed by Carol Guin Margaret Head interviewed by Carol Guin Ena Hooley interviewed by Mana Lief Paul LeBlond interviewed by Cody Clayton Dave Morgan interviewed by Tina Basarab Gloria Olson interviewed by Rhiannon Silver Kate Parfitt interviewed by Jacob Parfitt Ivan Peterson interviewed by Cody Clayton Jean Ripley and Sheila Tully interviewed by Mana Lief and Juna Onofrio Carol Robson interviewed by Tia Clayton Lorna Shields interviewed by Brogan Renwick-Shields Mary Wilson interviewed by Arthur Georgeson