Mother’s recipes were partly in Pitman’s shorthand and I couldn’t read them

Family loved canned Venison: Put pieces of meat firmly in jars,add salt (1/2-1tsp/pint), seal and pressure cook at 10lbs for 90 minutes or for 4 hours in a boiling water bath.

Out diet was fish or venison or venison or fish.

Island deer tastes more like veal. It is best medium rare or brazed,never cook venison passed medium! (bear has to be well cooked-no pink showing).

We used to have wild game dinners at the Rod and Gun Club-elk, moose, bear, cougar or whatever was available.

Some old recipes used to have you boil vegetables for 1/2hour, until they were mush. I remember my father getting spring peas, cooking them a short time in a little water and then giving me the water to drink. Was it ever good!

We also talked about the importance of 4-H Clubs, the planting,growing,harvesting, raising animals for food, etc.