When you were a child how did you get your food?

She didn’t have stores, they had cows. Milking cows and meat cows. They had chickens. They went hunting, looking for deer and grouse. Her dad, when he got home, right away he guts the deer, and the offering to her mother is the liver. That was the prime part of the deer.They made it hot. They always had flower and sugar.

When you were young how did you keep your food ?

Her mom kept butter, milk and eggs in the pantry that was cold. They had no refrigeration, so they had a root cellar. They had apples and all the vegetables all winter, and fresh meat canned. A lot didn’t can fish or meat.

How was getting your food different when you were a kid ?

No shopping, no stores. They fished and they hunted, getting getting food in the forest. Now she goes to the store, but they never went to the store when she was a kid. She never saw a can of soup.

What is your favorite local food?

Her favorite local food is her home grown apples. Her favorite food in the spring is nettles.

Tell me about a food memory you have from childhood.

Her favorite food memory when she was a child is her mom’s home made bread. It was a really big treat for her and her mom would save some of the bread dough and fry it in bacon fat.